Venison and a Lesson

Ok so…..the Hub aquired a good amount of venison on a barter, boy do I love that lost art, but I’m not familiar with this meat whatsoever. Yes I ate quite a bit as a child, but returning to Southern California as a teen and starting my cooking journey there, it was not a staple in my kitchen.

Enter, deer tenderloin. I figured it would be like beef, but “gamey”. It’s definitely not like beef. It’s softer, it’s darker, and it’s bloodier. I found a pretty promising recipe that involved marinating with a soy sauce/brown sugar mixture, stuffing with cream cheese, and wrapping in bacon. Sounds foolproof to me!

BUT… Like I mentioned, I’m not familar with this meat so I figured marinating over night would be great! Nope. The sodium in the soy sauce dried the meat out, not completely, but it definitely could have been better. Luckily, I served it with sauteed mushrooms and an herb/butter rice which gave me a bit of redemption. It wasn’t bad, I actually got great feedback on it. But for me, I was not impressed. We are our own worst critics after all.

Forgive the mediocre photo, but I didn’t plan on posting this. Though, you can’t only post your successes when it was the failures that got you there.

The point of this post is, not so amazing meals are ok! How else can we learn? Do you think the amazing Gordon Ramsey or the Iconic Julia Child never screwed up? Yeah right. So we learn, we grow, we bang those pans, and knock folks socks off!

Next time Bambi…next time.

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