March Month of Meals

So I had the bright idea of cooking dinner every single night this month, and if not cooking, at least posting what we’re having each night. Who cares, right? Well I’m doing this for accountability and to learn different recipes. My stepdaughter moved in a few weeks ago and I’m teaching her to cook as well! So it’s all around a good challenge.

Night one, I planned on using the chicken breasts in the fridge anyhow, but today happened to be very rainy and chilly. Perfect comfort food weather! Pretty sure my favorite comfort food is crockpot chicken and noodles. I also was late night Pinterest creeping and found an apple fritter recipe. Since I’ve yet to make these, I figured why not! Behold…

Chicken and noodles in homemade bread bowls! Creamy, warming, yummy, and may induce a food coma similar to that at Thanksgiving. Carbs on carbs y’all.

Also, behold…

Turning healthy granny smiths into something not so healthy, and then drowning it in a sweet glaze.

So the family was pretty impressed and us cooks learned a couple new things in the kitchen. All in all a good day!

Links to the recipes I used can be found below.

Chicken and noodles.

Bread bowls

Apple fritters

Happy cooking and bang some pans y’all!

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