Same Window, a Different View.

So, gosh. I have NOT been around lately. So many changes going on here. What started as my hubby and I, is my hubby, our two boys, his daughter (my bonus kid), my father, and two puppies we acquired a few weeks ago.

Super cute too, might I add. Meet Mickey and Mallory. Boxer/Mastiff mixes, aka Boxmas. Boy are they a handful.

Anywho, I’m still banging those pans, but my focus has been much more on the outdoors lately. We got our garden in which has a little of everything. What a challenge that was at first. The tiller didn’t cut it, so a friendly neighbor with a plow came by and helped us out.

Gosh I love having great country neighbors. So we got it plowed, then tilled, then treated with some good nutrients and finally we could plant! Of course we chose the HOTTEST day thus far to plant but it was great. Working outside makes everything better. You bond, relax, the showers and sleep feel much more fulfilling, and nature rewards you back.

Five nice little rows of homegrown goodness. Oh yeah, that much taller post is going to be part of my clothesline. Best to make the most out of whatcha got! That has yet to come.

Back to the garden project, we planted pre-grown tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. The rest are seeds and prayers. Peas, carrots, asparagus, cucumber, the usual. We got our chicken wire up last night, the best time to work outside this time of year. We have so many bunnies, or “funnies”, as my 3 year old son likes to call them, and I’ll be dipped if I’m letting them have a late night grubfest for free.

My teen and I weeded the outer two rows but still have to get to the inner three. It’s mainly just grass, but our plants are so small we can’t just go in there with a ho and go nuts.

But everything is growing and flourishing out here and it’s great. We have many mulberry trees and have been picking about every other evening and freezing as we go so we can make up some jelly. Total trial and error, but it’s fun and either way I’m sure it will be delicious.

Look at those beauties! I just wanted to catch up my poor ignored blog, because we have much much more to come and I think I’ll focus more on recipes and learning experiences with our land. I’d like to document my small stab at homesteading and self sufficiency in hopes to help another out.

So, Happy Father’s Day to you papas out there and mama is still tryin!

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